ALRESFORD, along with the whole of the world enters 2021 under the shadow of an ever increasing prevalence of the pandemic.

With ever increasing deaths, hospitalisations, emerging new variants and with the NHS on the verge of being unable to contain the virus, the government announced on the 4th January that the whole of the country would once again enter a full lockdown which would become known as the ‘3rd lockdown’. This lockdown would remain in operation until further notice.

On 22nd February, with the lockdown still operational but with the effects of the lockdown and the effects of the vaccination programme beginning to slowly take affect, the government released details of their four month strategy, beginning on 8th March, to slowly relax the measures. With the hope that the majority of remaining restrictions would be lifted by 21st June.

On 19th July practically all of the government Restrictions are listed.

10th and 13th December. With infection rates once again rising, and with the Christmas festive season approaching, the government announces new restrictive measures along with details of a massive vaccination ‘booster' programme.

 It is hoped that the following collection of photographs, images and notices will portray, in a small way, how the town of Alresford adapted. 

The full effect of the virus on the world and the tragic loss of life will be well documented by history in the fullness of time.

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