Bighton 047

Bighton 047

Golden Wedding Celebration of Mr & Mrs Cooper in Bighton, 1953

Mr Cooper was the village blacksmith. He was also the chief builder of coloniel style tin bungalows in Gungleton

Left to right, along the back wall: 1 Tom Cooper, 2 Dorcas Cooper, 3 Captain Jock Nicolls (formerly of Bighton Manor), 4 Mrs Nicholls,
5 Mrs Appleton, 6 Unknown, 7 Miss Dolly Newman, 8 Mrs Money or Mrs Newman

Three people facing camera: 1 Mrs Barrs (later Cambell), 2 Jeremy Barrs, 3 Mr Barrs

Three people with backs to camera: 1 Mr Brazier, 2 Mrs Brazier, 3 Tom watts.

                                                                                                                                                                                 (Image reproduced by kind permission of Garry Allam)

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