Bighton 048

Bighton 048

Bighton School Troop, c.1930

The schoolgirls would put on shows at local venues such as Tichborne Down Hospital

Back row, left to right: 1 Dorothy Green, 2 Unknown, 3 Joan Duffin, 4 Violet Knight, 5 Peggy Duffin, 6 Jean Jeavons, 7 Mike (Marion) Douglas,
8 Unknown, 9 Winnie or Doreen Warner, 10 Peg Love

Front row, left to right: 1 May Appleton ?, 2 Newman, 3 Sylvie Smith, 4 Gladys Knight

                                                                                                                                                                                 (Image reproduced by kind permission of Garry Allam)

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