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On the 26th September 1943 the B-17 Flying Fortress “Lady Luck”, carrying a full bomb load, got into difficulties over Alresford. Captain Robert Cogswell ordered his nine crewmen to bail out, remaining on board the aircraft himself in an attempt to steer the bomber away from the town. The plane crashed just east of Old Alresford Pond, Captain Cogswell having jumped to safety, although injured in the bail-out, shortly before it crashed. It has been said that Captain Cogswell’s actions saved Alresford, as he made sure he was not over the town when he ‘ditched’ the aircraft

A plaque to the memory of Captain Cogswell of the United States 8th Air Force can be seen alongside the garden at the rear of the Globe in the soke

(1) P. J. Davis, ball turret gunner; (2) Eddie Deerfield, radio operator; (3) Dwight Kennedy, bombardier; (4) Harold Timm, tail gunner; (5) Gilbert Bengston, engineer; (6) Robert Dewall, co-pilot; (7) Robert Cogswell, pilot; (8) Alvin Etheridge, waist gunner; (9) Augustus Brundage, waist gunner; (10) William Stamper, navigator

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