Wedding info required

Wedding info required

This wedding picture was taken in front of the British Legion Hall, Haig Road, Alresford in about 1927.

I don’t know whose Wedding it is, but the Bridegroom, man stood immediately behind and another gentleman in the back row to the left all look alike, brothers do you think!!?

My Mother Peggy Swatton [nee Blake] is in the front row holding a spray of flowers, her younger sister Barbara Buchanan [nee Blake} is next to her holding a basket of flowers.

The older sister Margery Barron [nee Blake] is sat on a chair front row far right.

Their parents (my grandparents) my Grandmother is stood behind Barbara and Grandfather is stood behind my Mother their names – Edgar and Teresa Blake. Edgar was the manager of the "World Stores'" in East Street (see image D008 in 'East Street' section of site).

For the record my Mother died in 1984 aged 66, Margery died last year aged 97 and a half, that half is very important.  Barbara lives in Winchester and is aged 90. My Mother, she looks about aged 10, she was born in 1917.

All the above information supplied by Valery Hollier [nee SWATTON] who would love to receive any more information about the photograph.

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