Old Alresford 055

Old Alresford 055

Old Alresford Women’s Institute, 1947.

Back Row, Left to Right: 1 Unknown. 2 Mrs Oakley. 3 Mrs Nash. 4 Mrs Sel.

Middle Row, Left to Right: 1 Linda Shorthouse (baby). 2 Brenda Shorthouse (nee Bulpitt). 3 Mrs Bulpitt. 4-9 Unknown. 10 Mrs Moulineaux.
11 Mrs Lowman. 12-14 Unknown.

Front Row, Left to Right: 1-2 Unknown. 3 Lady Hadow. 4-7 Unknown. 8 Mrs Marjorie Clarke.

Photograph taken to the side of Old Alresford Village Hall. In the background are the village allotments and the small wooden hut where “Snobby” Smith (or Merritt?) ran a shoe repair business.

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