Bishop's Sutton 025

Bishop's Sutton 025

The pupils of Bishop’s Sutton primary school 1960

Back Row left to right:  Rosalyn Wood, Colin Benham, Donna Cornforth, Malcolm Clift, Verena Pegg, Leonard Norris, Linda White (now Lyn Stephens), Michael Merritt, Angela Hilary, John Anderson, Janet Easen, Eileen Easen.

Middle Row left to right:  Linda Wood, Yvonne Upton (now Mackay), Rosalind Ventham, Heather White (now Clift), Josephine Merritt, Marilyn Clift (now Norris), Shelley Calvert, Barbara Hilary

Front Row left to right:  Rodney Benham, Michael Ventham, Michael (Mickey) Benham, Paul Griffiths, Timothy Young, Paul Cannings, Gary Hamblin, Hugh Griffiths

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