Bighton 021

Bighton 021

Bighton Scout Group, c.1930

Back row, left to right: 1 Newman, 2 James Pragnel, 3 William Coal (coles), 4 Cordy Pithers (Gungleton), 5 Tommy Dixon (Gungleton),
6 Eric Hart

Middle row, left to right: 1 James Newman, 2 Bertie Hebberd, 3 Richard Smith (steddies), 4 George Prior or Barber (Sutton Wood),
5 Frank Newman (Bighton Wood), 6 Geofrey Jeavons (village shop)

Front row, left to right: 1 Miss Bet Lovell (Leader), 2 Charles Smith, 3 Ron Douglas (Sutton Wood), 4 William Warner, 5 Fred Hebberd

                                                                                                                                                                                 (Image reproduced by kind permission of Garry Allam)

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