Bighton 010

Bighton 010

Bighton Coronation Day Supper 1953

Front table (people facing from left to right): 1 Phylis Tutt (Surtees), 2 Primrose Love (Brazier), 3 Gene Appleton (Love), 4 Connie Appleton,
5 Gwen Appleton, 6 Fred Appleton, 7 Charlie Atkins, 8 Bill Appleton, 9 Steven Dory, 10 Vic Love

Three men turning around to face camera: 1 Ray Goss, 2 Joe Brazier, 3 Tom Prescott

Woman directly behind Gene Appleton is: Bet Duffin (later Hancock)

                                                                                                                                                                                 (Image reproduced by kind permission of Garry Allam)

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