T 025

T 025

The aftermath of the 1907 fire which severely damaged the Alresford Union Workhouse

The workhouse was erected in 1835-6 at Tichborne Down to the south of New Alresford. Intended to accommodate 280 inmates, the Poor Law Commissioners authorized the sum of £5,350 on its construction. The building was designed by Edward Hunt who was also the architect of the Wiltshire workhouses of Alderbury and Wilton. His design for Alresford followed the model cruciform or "square" plan published by the Poor Law Commissioners in 1835. An entrance block at the south contained the Guardian's board-room, porter's room etc. To the rear, four accommodation ranges for various classes of inmate (infirm/able-bodied, male/female etc.) radiated from a central supervisory hub

After 1930, the former workhouse became known as Alresford Public Assistance Institution and later became Tichborne Down House Hospital

The surviving buildings have now been converted to residential use

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